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Welcome to Lenny Cohen Enterprises LLC!

This company started as a blog experiment on Jan. 11, 2015. Its long run of my "thoughts on this world of our" continues when I have a strong opinion and — of course — the time. | LINK TO

A news resource followed on Independence Day, 2019 — perfect for Philadelphia. Since then, it has evolved to include dozens of links, and daily and weekly features on a variety of topics of interest for readers, wherever they happen to be. Advertising available. | LINK TO

Now, in 2020, I'm proud to offer a company that does web design and all types of writing, including social media. Why not ask somebody already working for a web-hosting company, who wrote social media professionally for years, and continues to be a journalist after more than a quarter century? | LINK TO

Lenny Cohen wrote and produced top-rated, award-winning TV newscasts;
formed news articles for TV station websites and kept them updated;
made sure the public noticed by crafting enticing social media posts;
earned an IT Support Professional Certificate from Google and Coursera;
plus has eight years of teaching first-grade and several months of driving Uber under his belt;
and now organized his own company.

I encourage you to take a look around!

Check out the three other websites and their social media links (above) to see what I do, firsthand.

Also, be in touch for web design, writing and editing of all sorts, social media, advertising — or simply to respond to posts.